ACD / Art Director

“Driver’s Duet” :15s (Broadcast)

DDB New York

Working as a part of the Kroger team at DDB New York, we told the story of Kroger’s
new brand ethos, “Fresh For Everyone” through broadcast TV, OOH, print, social and digital advertising.

“Finally” :30s (Broadcast)

“Secret Agent Man” :30s (Broadcast)

“In The Bag” :15s (Broadcast)

“Checking All The Way” :15s (Broadcast)

“A-Game” :30s (Broadcast)

Animation has it’s limitations, but it also provides opportunity's that live action doesn’t. Because of this we were able to create a spot that featured a real life Kroger associate. Danielle was the winner of a Kroger’s Kroji Maker contest—so, more than just an award, or a gift card—we gave her a commercial starring her very own Kroji.


A holiday season like no other, needed a hero that no one expected—for the 2020 holiday seaon, we brought to life a snowman, who like many of us this year was having a tough time and lost his. However, with a little magic and help from Kroger’s lower than low prices on fresher than fresh food, he ended up with the happiest of holidays (and a new nose).

“Snow Way” :15s (Broadcast)

“Snow Car” (OOH)

“Waltz of The Trunks” :15s (Broadcast)

“More Ways to Save on Fresh” :30s (Broadcast)

“Campfire” (Digital)