Creative Director //
@ FanDuel in New York City


Role: ACD/Art
Production: Psyop x GoldenWolf, 1stAveMachine, BUCK, Carbon x Whitehouse

League & Team
Teaming up with the big sports leagues means we get cool footage to show off our partnership. From awesome murals to player magic, we've cooked up some really unique ads with the help of our talented production partners.

“That Winning Feeling” :30 (Broadcast) / Production: Whitehouse x BUCK / Editor: Alex Hagon

“Scorecard” :30 (Broadcast) / Production: 1sstAveMachine / Editor: Diego Berakha

“Take Me Out To Every Ballgame” :30 (Broadcast) / Production: Whitehouse x Carbon / Editor: Alex Hagon

“Mural” :30 (Broadcast) / Production: Psyop x GoldenWolf / Director: Stephen Falconer

“Hockey Talk” :30 (Broadcast) / Production: Whithouse x BUCK / Editor: Alex Hagon